Send Event to a Client from Server

On every Game Instance there is a method called SendEventToClientFromServer. This allows you to send a message to any client from the server, you just need to know thier client id.

game.SendEventToClientFromServer(RclientId, eventName, messageStruct)

Example Implementation in the "client_sent_event"

Shoutout to Komatr for improving the docs!

//Example Implementation, in the "client_sent_event" script
    case "chat":

    var chatMessage = messageStruct.chatMessage //sent by client
    chatMessage = CussWordsFilter(chatMessage)  //some function to clean cuss words
    //now send this chat to everyone in the room
    //firstly find the room this sender belongs to, then send the message to everyone
    for(var roomId in game.rooms){
            //we found the sender
            //now send the message to everyone here
            for(var clientId in game.rooms[roomId].clients){
                //make a messageStruct to send everyone
                var a = {
                    message: chatMessage,
                    sender: clientId
                game.SendEventToClientFromServer(clientId, "cuss_free_chat", a)

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