This function connects your game on whatever platform it it to your Rocket Server. It can take up to 2 seconds to connect, but as long as you are close to USA East Coast it should take less than half a second.

⚠️ You have to make sure that you’ve set your server id (secret key) in Scripts/Rocket Networking/Options.gml first. That’s how we know which server to connect you to.





What happens after I connect?

After you connect to your server, 2 things happen.

  1. You are assigned a client id. It’s a number (usually from 1 to 1000) that differentiates you from other clients connected to your server. This is stored in global.clientId

  2. You (this client) are put into a room with the same id as your client id but room id’s are always strings so if your client id is the integer 34 then your room id is the string “34”. Nobody else can join this room other than you. This is stored in global.roomId

How do I know I’ve connected?

After a successful connection/joining your server the callback function callback_ConnectToServer() is called.

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