Discord Integration

Rocket Networking gives you a discord bot that you can set up and customise with low code and add to your Discord Servers.

Add RNet Bot to your Discord Server

Use this link to add the bot to any server


Authorize RNet to see which Discord Servers you own

Go to your dashboard and follow this auth flow after clicking on the Discord Integration Button

Select which servers you authorize RNet bot to function in

Think of this as the master key. You can directly copy the Discord Server ID from here actually

Get Discord Server ID and Channel IDs

First Make sure discord dev mode is on and then once you right click on a server or a channel, you can copy its ID.

Start by Going into Scripts/Rocket Networking/Options.gml and set this to your Discord Server ID

You can use this bot to

  1. Send Messages from Gamemaker to your Discord Server Using SendDiscordMessage()

  2. Receive messages (from other users) from Discord server into Gamemaker By cutomising callback_DiscordMessageReceived()

This allows for some really cool integrations!

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