Easy Matchmaking

Rocket Networking comes equipped with a very easy to use matchmaking system.

Credit for this idea goes to @nils0445 on discord!

What is a match? In terms of Rocket Networking, it is an RNet room right? Because players/clients in that RNet room will be able to "see" each other.

So matchmaking is just the problem of taking players/clients from some lobby (which is also a RNet room), pair them up or make a set of them and put them in this "match" RNet room. And every "match" must be a different RNet room.

Auto Matchmaking System

If a client wants to be in the matchmaking lobby waiting, all they have to do is ChangeRoom() to the room name "auto_matchmake_<size>" , where size is the number of players that should be in your match. For example ChangeRoom("auto_matchmake_2")

Every 10 seconds, all the players in the room "auto_matchmake_2" will be paired up and put into some other rooms called "auto_match_<someuniqueidentifier>" like "auto_match_Lb5vJ8" and so on.

So if there are 7 players waiting in room "auto_matchmake_2" , then 3 pairs will be created and put into 3 different rooms like "auto_match_7BjvM7", "auto_match_vmdk8", "auto_match_osm4m", and 1 player will not be matched(because there is no one to match this player with) and will stay in waiting.

You can do this for a match of any size.

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