"step" Script format

Add this code to your step script to get started. This is how you can scout your RNet server for anything you want.

No code Example

You can use the no code tool to see how easy it is.

Direct code example

//const game is the game instance!!
for (let roomId in game.rooms) {
    const room = game.rooms[roomId];

    // Room-specific code here

    // Client iteration
    for (let clientId in room.clients) {
        const client = room.clients[clientId];

        // Client-specific code here

        for (let entityId in client.entities) {
            try {
                var EP = JSON.parse(client.entities[entityId])

                // Entities-specific code here

            } catch (e) {


        //Persistent Object iteration
        for (let persistentObjectId in room.persistentObjects) {
            const persistentObject = room.persistentObjects[persistentObjectId]
            //Persistent Objects specific code here


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