This function calls Rocket Networking's AI API (which is just a wrapper for OpenAI API)

You send your message in the yourMessage argument as a string, and provide an existing conversation(thread) to continue from.

All threads are stored in oBrain.aiThreads which is a struct where the key is the stringified threadId and value is the thread itself, which is an array of messages. Like this.

//example of a thread
{'role':'user', 'content':'tell me a joke'}, 
{'role':'assistant', 'content':'why did the chicken cross the road'}, 
{'role':'user', 'content':'I dont know, why did the chicken cross the road'}


CallSimpleAI(yourMessage, temperature, threadId)


The message you want to send to AI. This must be a String.


The temperature of the AI call. This is a measure of creativity and randomness. You can read more about it here. This must be a Number from 0 to 2.

threadId ( OPTIONAL)

The ID of the thread you want to continue. If you are just starting a new thread(new converastion) you can skip this argument. This must be a number.


This function returns the callId which is a unique identifier for this AI call. Later in callback_CallSimpleAI, this is returned so you can track it.

Number  // callId

Example Implementation

// Some code that runs 1 time like in create event
//lets say its oPlayer
currentThreadId = -1  //save it to -1
var callId = CallSimpleAI("What are the fundamentals of Hindi language?",1)
// Save the thread id from the callback function
oPlayer.currentThread = threadId
// Continue the conversation with the saved thread id
CallSimpleAI("Can you tell me its similarities with Spanish",1, existingThreadId)

the callback_CallSimpleAI() actually gives response from this function.

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