Clients and clientId

Every instance of a player who players your game and Connects to your RNet server is a "Client" and is assigned a clientId.

This is stored in global.clientId and is unique. It is a positive number.

Every client is initially put into a private room, so they won't be able to see other players. You can then change the room to say "public" and you will be able to see everyone else in the "public" room.

Room Naming (roomId)

You can name a room with alphanumberic characters and spaces. [A-Z, a-z, 0-9]

  1. You cannot start a room name with a number

  2. Your room name cannot be just a number like "34", that's not allowed

Your 'private' room

Initially you are put in a room that matches your clientId but your roomId is always a string.

This means that if your global.clientId is 12, you are initially put in a room with the roomId = "12"

This is exactly why you can't make new rooms with just numbers. All numeric rooms are reserved as private to all clients.

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