AI Functions

Rocket Networking can make calls to OpenAI's API (GPT3.5 for now) and return the response directly back to gamemaker with very low code. This is done through

  1. CallSimpleAI - for simple AI calls and threads mostly managed by RNet

  2. CallGeneralAI - for general AI threads if you are familiar with the syntax of OpenAI's messages array.

// general AI format
messages =  [
{'role':'user', 'content':'tell me a joke'}, 
{'role':'assistant', 'content':'why did the chicken cross the road'}, 
{'role':'user', 'content':'I dont know, why did the chicken cross the road'}

Credits Concept

Every AI call costs some credits on your account, which can be viewed on your dashboard. For most small conversations this is less than 100. For paid plans (more than basic plan), the monthly credit limit is in the order of millions and for the Basic Plan it is in the order of 100,000.

In every AI call you can see how many credits you have used. This is a direct function of OpenAI tokens.

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